The final exam assignment choose2improve grade 2015-2016. The student received the assignment at the beginning of the year so that there is enough time to be able to deliver at the end of the shool year. It is a joint assignment. A short documentary with the theme “Me with more than one. Several sources used are from the internet, which have been used as lesson themes throughout the year and have left the most impression on the students. They have filmed together with different means.

The assignment was done for and by the students, whereby they had to collaborate a lot. By getting together they have gained confidence in themselves and others. They have been able to experience how to start something, share it, request it and follow up. Ultimately to achieve this result. They have actually been able to use their competencies and make them tangible that are “necessary” to be able to stay in a group larger than one.

This documentary shows what gives me joy. Seeing personal growth in people, especially with those who are vulnerable. Watch the videos and consider the content as an indirect result of my work as a teacher at

we all share
Here I start
Learn and grow by doing
A purpose a direction being followed by first steps
Thats how we learn