Hi, I am Rob Hofman. 

My life is all about discovering, growing and experience. I am on a quest as many of us are, finding the meaning of in this case my life. I don’t do opinions. I just try to understand.
Wondering about the beauty in people around me and what thrives them. Wandering through the beauty what is given to us by mother nature.

every day I am born again. as only then i am able to open my eyes and be receptive for all what is around me. light will be what is to be seen. I live my life each day as if it is my first day in life. the only way for me to wonder and wander through the beauty of this world

I listen to Rob Robbie Robby and Roberto Hofman. Although my given name is Robert I probably won’t react when someone is calling me. Having two children David and Andrea.


The schools I visited are Sint Jozefschool, de Toren, Sint Catharina MAVO, Titus Brandsma college HAVO Dordrecht.


As of the aged 11 I practiced several sports. Handbal, Power kiting, windsurfing, sailing, tennis, athletics, gymnastics and karate.
For more than 25 years I was active as handbal trainer and teamcoach at Groene ster, Shot 73, Venus Nieuwegein, Voice Nijkerk, Handbalschool Houten and HVBS Bunschoten Spakenburg.