For 35 years, I experienced all disciplines of IT. From support, maintenance development, software, hardware, functional, engineering, networking to security, information, project management, portfolio and management support.

For more then 40 years, I experienced a lot of disciplines in all markets. farming, social welfare, teaching, youth care, sports, contracting and more.

I keep the analysis of problems rationally and see things from different angles to come to a decision and if needed a solution. I motivate others to listen to each other, bring each other’s qualities to use and compliment each other. This is most needed to create engagement and loyalty to get the job done.
The competencies I value most and defines me are guidance, analytical, curious, open, in-depth and broad interest, communicative, inspiring, efficient and effective. Without these, all my skills I acquired over the years seems mere theory.

project support @ scco phnom penh

logistics support container overseas. distribution of school furniture, clothing books, IT supplies. support in installation of IT equipment. Supporting local staff. Finding partners for development of future community center.

Volunteer Maranatha @ Maranatha Street Workers trust Port Elizabeth

Development and implementation of library lending system. Music and social studies workshops, general inventory of materials for games, sports and education for the annual report intended for sponsors and shareholders.

Project lead @ Paterson Highschool Port Elizabeth

Development and implementation of library lending system.

IT project @ Ready 4 Life Port Elizabeth

Review (CRM) client relation management describe information system and architecture for the future

Manual labor and Farming @ Evolving cycles Lagonisi

Daily work maintaining animal care and agricultural work. Watering harvesting based on permaculture principles. Sharing / workshop lifeskills and cooking. Designed and implemented irrigation system

Refugee support @ camp Eleonas Athens

Develop and facilitating men discussion group male adults. Carpenting and maintain homes refugees. Clothing distribution. Working at project Elea improve living standards and community well-being. Approved by the Greek Ministry of Migration and working independently within the camp. In addition to providing basic services such as food & clothing distribution enormous emphasis goes into creative engagement through a varied schedule of activities (10-12 per day) focusing on education, sports, culture, environment and skill-sharing for both children and adults

Teacher vocational education @

Schooling young adults in English, Civics, Sociology, Information science and administration. Offer them the opportunity to prepare themselves to move on to regular education or any other form of education or work) and being part of our society. Doing so by providing lessons and information that fits the experience of the young adults and their interest. As a result, he or she can actually develop and learn skills.

Founder and owner In21World!

NON-profit organization. Sharing extensive knowledge English, Civics, Sociology, ICT (support) and administration in local community. Assisting in DIY projects in and round housing.

Portfolio Program Project office @ ABNAMRO N.V.
  • Implementation and operational maintenance of portfolio, program & project management offices.
  • Designed and implemented tooling to support demand, program and project process built within SharePoint.
  • Implement workflows and deliver Dashboard & Management Information assemblies and analysis.
SharePoint designer / ambassador / trainer @ ABNAMRO N.V.

Implemented support of SharePoint as a collaboration and content management tool throughout the Netherlands .

  • Design, develop , deploy sites.
  • Developed & provided training courses and workshops.
  • Advice in developing requested applications.
  • Coaching and support of moderators.
  • Translate functionality into technology.
  • Propagate the use of SharePoint documents and data using metadata.
IT Project manager @ Fortis Bank Nederland N.V.

Managing complex IT infrastructure projects in the Benelux.

  • Implemented MS Exchange
  • Housing project from 6 locations to 1
  • Mail archiving and reduced workplace environments to one area / domain.
  • Developed and implemented change, incident, problem and service level management.
  • Implemented synergy advantages by merging operational teams as interim manager.
System developer infrastructure @ Credit Lyonnais and Generale bank Nederland N.V.

Designed Developed and Implemented IT infrastructure Like

  • local area Networks
  • Mail infrastructure
  • Windows networks.

Implemented information security environment and an administration / management department.

Developer on the PC platform @ Credit Lyonnais and Generale bank Nederland N.V.

Programming using DBase 3 | Open access ( 4GL ) | Microsoft office tools | Visual Basic | System / functional analysis | Developed interfaces between information systems | courses material | documentary | trained administrators and end users.

Computer operator, shift leader, team manager Computer operations @ Credit Lyonnais and Slavenburg’s Bank.

As operator running financial daily batch , mass printing , manage peripherals and console use. Manage team computer operators responsible for operational monitoring. Objective performance and appraisal interviews in the task package. Merged two different teams to one during merger NCB and Credit Lyonnais