My (life)experiences gave me true added value. I was lucky to gain specific skills which I had no theoretical nor practical knowledge of. Valuable lessons I received is addressing my competencies and develop them.

project support @ scco phnom penh

logistics support container overseas. distribution of school furniture, clothing books, IT supplies. support in installation of IT equipment. Supporting local staff. Finding partners for development of future community center.

Volunteer Maranatha @ Maranatha Street Workers trust Port Elizabeth

Development and implementation of library lending system. Music and social studies workshops, general inventory of materials for games, sports and education for the annual report intended for sponsors and shareholders.

Project lead @ Paterson Highschool Port Elizabeth

Development and implementation of library lending system.

IT project @ Ready 4 Life Port Elizabeth

Review (CRM) client relation management describe information system and architecture for the future


Daily work maintaining animal care and agricultural work. Watering harvesting based on permaculture principles. Sharing / workshop life skills and cooking. Designed and implemented irrigation system

Volunteer refugee kamp Eleonas Athene @ Project Elea

Carpentry, Clothing distribution, Sports and games and guidance adult men at discussion groups. The work is focused on residents to live, develop and maintain a safe, valuable and involved community.

Teacher vocational education @

Schooling young adults in English, Civics, Sociology, Information science and administration.
Offer them the opportunity to prepare themselves to move on to regular education or any other form of education or work) and being part of our society. Doing so by providing lessons and information that fits the experience of the young adults and their interest. As a result, he or she can actually develop and learn skills.
Lessons are primarily focussed on developing nursering en using competencies. Theoretical knowledge of the given courses will be at a general basic level and its application. Next to the exam of the specific courses there is a group assigment


Registered Teacher (FTRB) @ Namaka Methodist kinder garten and Martintar Public school Nadi, Fiji.

Reading, writing, math, drama, sports, music. Preparation of lessons for upcoming semesters.

Kindergarten namaka
Youth leader @ Trinity parish Diocese Utrecht

Working with young people so they can practice their religion without any pressure within our society.
Activities such as preparing church services, participation in the National Catholic Youth Day , Christmas dinner care for the elderly.
Faith and trust at the farm

Student mentor @ Vocational Business education Utrecht.

Mentorship (career counselor) of immigrant vocational education students. Motivate, support and giving workshops so they are able to get a degree and to continue their study following a bachelor study.

Team handball trainer coach @ NHV

Prepare and give training to youth in the age between 10 to 18 years old. Coaching specific teams during the seasons.